Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move the wall stickers?
The wall stickers are removable not relocatable. That is once removed the wall stickers will not restick.
How do I remove my stickers and will they leave a mark?
So long as the surface is sound the stickers can easily be removed simply by heating them gently with a hair dryer and carefully peeling them off. The only mark left, depending upon the wall the stickers were on, may be a little fading around the sticker or a cleaner looking wall where the stickers have been, usually a rub down with a mild detergent mixed with water or sugar soap will fix this.
How do I apply the stickers and what do I do if I have a problem?

A step-by-step instruction sheet is sent out with the stickers, this same sheet is also found on the website under the “Support” tab to the left. If you are still stuck you can always conatct the office for mor help.

I have just painted my walls, how long do I need to wait before I apply the stickers?

Depending upon the tempreture and your climate, you need to wait at least 1 week but up to 2 weeks before applying any stickers to the wall. If you do not wait the required time the sticker may bond with the paint and the paint will be removed when the sticker is removed.

I have bought wall stickers in the past and they have fallen off the wall, how do I know this will not happen with these stickers?
There several reasons why your previous stickers may have fallen off the wall, the sticker material may not have had enough adhesive on it, the wall may not have been prepared correctly, the stickers may not have been prepared or applied correctly. We only use hi quality vinyl sticker material, we recomend the wall that the stickers are to be applied to be washed down prior to applying the stickers and we provide instructions on how to prepare and apply your stickers. If for any reason, after following these instructions, you have a problem with the stickers, you can contact the office for more help.
I have looked through the catalogue and cannot find the type of sticker I am looking for, can I have a custom made sticker?
Yes, just contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you with a quote, if you find a sticker that is close to what you are looking for we can usually modify it to suit your requirements.

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